Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

President Trump faces another court defeat on his attempt to implement travel ban from six different Moslem majority countries. This second federal appeal that ruled against his revised travel ban is definitely a blow for his effort on fulfilling the promise he made to his voters to completely ban Moslems from entering America during his campaign.

According to The Fourth Circuit, Trump’s executive order to ban some Moslem countries from entering America is violating the First Amendment regarding prohibition of government establishment of religion. Meanwhile, The Ninth Circuit made its decision based on statutory grounds that the president’s executive order has exceeded his authority that was granted on him by the congress. The Ninth Circuit also stated that the president did not have any adequate justification that could support his controversial immigration policy.

The Ninth Circuit judges also referred to Trump’s tweet to rule against his appeal. Previously, Trump tweeted on June 5 “That’s right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won’t help us protect our people.”

To counter the president’s tweet, the judges wrote that it was the countries that were dangerous, not the 180 million individuals that would be affected by the unjustified travel ban. Furthermore, since Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary once confirmed that the President’s tweets could be considered as official statements by the President of the United States, the court came to conclusion that Trump was singlehandedly exceeding his authority by making orders that has not been legalized by the court. There are also The Philippines Continue Fighting ISIS in Marawi.

Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

Even though Trump has to face yet another defeat, it is highly possible that Trump will go to bring the case to the Supreme Court. The president believes that banning people from the six countries are necessary to protect the national security so it is very unlikely that he will give up. Trump also criticized the court, saying that their ruling were only politically correct but failed to address the threats the nations currently facing.

Furthermore, Sean Spicer also has expressed his disagreement to the newest ruling. He has confidence that Trump’s executive order on immigration is important to prevent terrorists from entering the United States. He is also confident that unlike the previous rulings, the Supreme Court will uphold the president’s appeal.

The United States of America was divided into two in the latest elections and it is clear that many people still opposes Trump’s presidency. Trump’s executive order has been heavily criticized by the public because the president’s order only increases fear and Islamophobia in the country.

The controversial executive order dates back to January 27 where the president introduced some immigration measures to protect the country and it include travel ban from seven Moslem majority countries. The sudden executive order led to plenty of nationwide protests as well as chaos and confusions at the airport where many Moslems were detained and forced to go back to their countries. The disorder was successfully eliminated when a Seattle federal judge halted the executive order by seven days.