Qatar Gulf Crisis – The Real Terrorist

Qatar Gulf Crisis – The Real Terrorist ?

In the last weeks, Qatar crisis has been stealing the world’s attention following blockage by the US-allied Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia. Earlier, Trump had celebrated a summit in the Saudi Arabia along with the heads of states joining the GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council. This summit had also confirmed their commitment to fight against the endless terrorism threat. Everyone in the summit agreed to the Trump’s general tenor of “terrorism is bad”. In fact, they also enthusiastically applauded and returned home fully willing and committed to fight the common enemy.

But even before the Air Force One leaving Riyadh following the summit, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia government suddenly launched media assault and well-coordinated diplomatic media on their neighboring country, Qatar. They base their action on false statement saying the Qatar has supported terrorism. In fact, they also ban the Qatar’s news outlets and literally cut economic ties with Qatar while keep saying how Qatar government have been supporting terrorism. And few days later, other countries including Bahrain and Egypt joined UAE and Saudi Arabia to cut the diplomatic ties with Qatar, severing the recent situation. Right the next following day, United States through President Donald Trump showed their enthusiast support for blockading Qatar and this support has made huge effect launching the current crisis into some kind of uncharted waters.

The current escalation basically shows clear thing about the regional consolidation toward Middle East unitary vision. It seems that Qatar is the only one proposing this vision and so their neighbors decided to threat and make diplomatic attack on Qatar as enforcement. It also shows how the expansive view of terrorism from Trumps has shared by allies in Middle East including Emirate and Saudi. Trump and his allies indirectly say that anyone opposing their actions is supporting terrorism or even the terrorist itself.

It is true that Trump and his administration have stopped of formally attributing terrorist organization to Muslim Brotherhood especially in the Middle East area. But their actions indicate the opposite that Muslim Brotherhood can actually be treated as one.

Back in 2013, UAE had spent lobbying to the US officials to start and support the military coup to end the revolutionary moment in Egypt. And today, they seem to do just the exact same thing targeting Qatar. This time, UAE is not the only country because some countries have seemed to join the lobbying including Israel. The end result of this attempt is to build a united Middle East with Israel as the main member. This conflict has definitely been simmering in the last few weeks. And it has been quite clear as well how Trump has given signal of green light for UAE and other countries to start aggressive action toward Qatar.

Trump’s statement about fighting against terrorism has actually been the opposite of the recent events following the Trump’s speed. For instance, security forces of Bahrain have recently conducted the deadliest raids against that have been absence for many months. At the same time, prominent human rights lawyer has been arrested by the Egyptian officials. It has also been very clear how Trump has given chance that had been so hard to obtain during the Obama administration. Trump’s support is like a support that the UAE and allies need to make score after years of absence.

The recent development of the political situation in Middle East explains how Saudi Arabia has finally started clear actions to punish Qatar for its sin in attempting to forge the traditional hegemony of Saudi in Middle East that clearly has not been a pleasant thing for Saudi.