Syria War Explained

Syria War Explained

Middle East is now the most chaotic regional especially with the escalation of Syria Civil War in the last few years. This year, the civil war in Syria enters the 7th year and there have been more than 465.000 Syrians that have lost their lives in the fighting. Meanwhile, more than one millions Syrians have been injured and more than 12 millions of Syrians have lost their homes and displaced to other areas including Europe. This crisis started back in 2011 following the Bashar Al-Ashad actions to kill hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the government. Just a few months later, the Syrian’s military defectors formed the Free Syrian Army rebel group that aims to overthrow the official Syrian government. Just a few months later, Syria had slowly but sure began to witness civil war.

What actually caused the uprising in Syria? Well, the causes are complex from lack Agen Betting Bola of economics and freedoms, public anger and sin’s of Bashar Al-Assad’s father back in 1982. The protests in 2011 that was first started with peaceful protest began to change course following the Assad decision to kill some of the protestors. There has also been another cause involving the minority and majority in Syria. The majority of Syrians are Sunni Muslims while the Alawite sect has actually been dominated the security development in Syria. Assad himself is a member of Alawite sect. So, it has been quite clear how this war was also fuelled by sectarian split.

The civil war in Syria has actually been worsening following international involvement. For instance, United States through ISIL or ISIS has fuelled the war since 2014 until today. ISIS have been releasing deadly attacks including bombings to many areas in Syria killing tens of thousands of civilians. US actions to attack the Syrian air force base were prompted by Assad actions that used the chemical weapons back in the year of 2013.

In September 2015, Russia joined the conflict by supporting Syrian government to fight against the rebel groups including ISIS through bombing campaign. Russia clearly stated that the campaign aimed for the rebel groups that have been backed by the western states including US. Other countries including Turkey and Iran have also joined. Turkey itself have clearly provided materials and weapons to the rebel groups in Syria hoping to demolish Assad government while Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have always been supporting Assad and its government to get rid of the rebel groups.

Nowadays, the rebel groups existing in Syria are many. Some have been supporting the Syrian government Army while some others have been fighting against them. Recently, there has been proofs how FSA or Free Syrian Army have started to be weakened leaving other rebel group, the al-Nusra Front empowered. Meanwhile, the ISIL group has started to emerge in eastern and northern Syria following their success in overrunning large Iraq areas. It has been clear how ISIL or ISIS group has gained its international notoriety for energetic social media use and numerous brutal executions. On the other hand, Assad had obtained support from rebel group Hezbollah, Afghan and Iranian fighters.

Recently, the UN has been investigating the suspected chemical attack by Assad government that had killed more than 80 civilians while Assad had clearly said that this attack was not done by his army and is only used by US to justify their military intervention. Following this huge crisis and war, millions of Syrians have officially become refugees and internal displaced persons. And this condition has been affecting neighboring countries including European and Asian countries whereas hundreds of refugees have been taking shelters for the last few years.