Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

President Trump faces another court defeat on his attempt to implement travel ban from six different Moslem majority countries. This second federal appeal that ruled against his revised travel ban is definitely a blow for his effort on fulfilling the promise he made to his voters to completely ban Moslems from entering America during his campaign.

According to The Fourth Circuit, Trump’s executive order to ban some Moslem countries from entering America is violating the First Amendment regarding prohibition of government establishment of religion. Meanwhile, The Ninth Circuit made its decision based on statutory grounds that the president’s executive order has exceeded his authority that was granted on him by the congress. The Ninth Circuit also stated that the president did not have any adequate justification that could support his controversial immigration policy.

The Ninth Circuit judges also referred to Trump’s tweet to rule against his appeal. Previously, Trump tweeted on June 5 “That’s right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won’t help us protect our people.”

To counter the president’s tweet, the judges wrote that it was the countries that were dangerous, not the 180 million individuals that would be affected by the unjustified travel ban. Furthermore, since Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary once confirmed that the President’s tweets could be considered as official statements by the President of the United States, the court came to conclusion that Trump was singlehandedly exceeding his authority by making orders that has not been legalized by the court. There are also The Philippines Continue Fighting ISIS in Marawi.

Trump Travel Ban Faces Another Court Defeat

Even though Trump has to face yet another defeat, it is highly possible that Trump will go to bring the case to the Supreme Court. The president believes that banning people from the six countries are necessary to protect the national security so it is very unlikely that he will give up. Trump also criticized the court, saying that their ruling were only politically correct but failed to address the threats the nations currently facing.

Furthermore, Sean Spicer also has expressed his disagreement to the newest ruling. He has confidence that Trump’s executive order on immigration is important to prevent terrorists from entering the United States. He is also confident that unlike the previous rulings, the Supreme Court will uphold the president’s appeal.

The United States of America was divided into two in the latest elections and it is clear that many people still opposes Trump’s presidency. Trump’s executive order has been heavily criticized by the public because the president’s order only increases fear and Islamophobia in the country.

The controversial executive order dates back to January 27 where the president introduced some immigration measures to protect the country and it include travel ban from seven Moslem majority countries. The sudden executive order led to plenty of nationwide protests as well as chaos and confusions at the airport where many Moslems were detained and forced to go back to their countries. The disorder was successfully eliminated when a Seattle federal judge halted the executive order by seven days.

Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Establishes Diplomatic Relationship with China

Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Establishes Diplomatic Relationship with China

Panama recently turned its back on Taiwan to tie diplomatic relationship with the People Republic of China. This is the second time in the past several months a country cut its diplomatic ties with Taiwan. December last year, Sao Tome, the African island nation also cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan to comply with the People’s Republic One China Policy. It means, Taiwan now only has diplomatic relation with 20 countries, not including the Holy See.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed its regret and said that they were angered and disappointed by Panama’s action. Panama was one of Taiwan’s oldest and most faithful friends and the Central America’s country had strong and peaceful relation with Qing Dynasty since 1909, and kept following Taiwan even when it was separated from China.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry said that its strained relation with Panama is caused by China’s money game. The Asian giant has used its financial power to lure many countries to acknowledge its One China Policy and now Panama also has taken the bait. Only several days after cutting diplomatic tie with Taiwan, it is reported that Panama’s foreign minister has signed diplomatic agreement with China, showing the country’s full support to One China Policy.

Recently, China indeed invested a lot of money in Central American’s countries including Panama. It is very likely that financial aid from China has encouraged Panama to turn its back on Taiwan. This reason is similar with why Sao Tome also cut its diplomatic relation with Taiwan.
Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Establishes Diplomatic Relationship with China
Taiwan has expressed its condemnation to China and stated that China is actively force nations to cut ties with Taiwan by offering financial assistance. Since now Taiwan and Panama’s diplomatic relation has ended, Taiwan will immediately send its diplomatic staff back home to Taiwan to save its dignity.

Panama on the other hand, expressed no regrets in cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Even though Taiwan also has given plenty of financial assistance to Panama and the end of diplomatic relation also signifies the end of the financial aid, it seems like Panama doesn’t think of it as a big problem. China is Panama’s second biggest customer of the country’s shipping canal. As a result, strengthening ties with China means Panama will also strengthen its economic relation with China. Panama certainly can get by even without Taiwan’s financial aid if it has strong economic relation with the People’s Republic. The President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela said that cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan is the right path for his country and building good relationship with China is essential to help the country grows.

The number of country that acknowledging Taiwan’s sovereignty has been decreasing for the past couple of decades. In 1990 Taiwan has 30 diplomatic relation but now ten has chosen to take side with China. The remaining twenty nations that still has diplomatic relation with Taiwan are small nation state with limited international reputation. In other countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, Taiwan established a non-diplomatic representative office that mostly taking care of economic and social issues.

The Philippines Continue Fighting ISIS in Marawi

It has been three weeks since the ISIS affiliated group, Maute, set foot in Marawi, Philippines and claimed to take over the city. Up to this day, the country’s armed force still strive to seize back the city. The president, Rodrigo Duterte, has set two deadlines for the army to take back Marawi and defeat the radical group but turns out the battle still continues.

Duterte has been criticized for neglecting the fact that a radical group is growing in its country and keep focusing on the nation’s war on drugs. Many parties have judged that Marawi take over by Maute group is the result of the president’s persistence of not putting adequate attention on the radical group.

As a matter of fact, even though Maute has claimed their affiliation to ISIS and the radical’s group flag is raised everywhere in the city, Duterte still thinks that the siege of Marawi has nothing to do with the religious extremist group. Instead, it is a part of the country’s rebellious group effort to control drug money and hinder the progress of the president’s war on drugs.

When the siege was launched three weeks ago, Duterte immediately declared martial law in the area and reports suggested that the martial law can be expanded to the whole country if the situation calls for it. Most of the people in the city have escaped but currently, there are still 1,000 citizens trapped in the middle of the battle between the radical group and the Philippines army.

The Philippines Continue Fighting ISIS in Marawi

The armed force is trying their best to defeat the Maute militants without harming the citizens but there are currently no reports whether the army has prepared any efforts on how to help the citizens flee the besieged city. By last Saturday, 20 civilians and more than fifty army personnel have fallen victim to the battle.

While there is no doubt that the government and the army is doing their best to bring peace to Marawi again, there is a confusion regarding the status of US military assistance in this case. Previously, Duterte has stated that he did not need any foreign assistance to take care of the situation. However, it is reported that the US aircraft has arrived in the archipelago to help Philippines army combat the Maute group.

Duterte said that he has never made any request of assistance to the US forces and that he was not aware of the US aircraft arrival until they have arrived. The president claimed that he never approached the US government to ask for help. It might have any relation with his strained relation with the USA after the states criticized his war on drugs that have killed so many people. But Duterte and US relations have actually gotten better after Obama left the office and replaced by Donald Trump.

Contrary to what Duterte said, US embassy in Manila has stated that the military assistance has been requested by Philippines government. However, according to the presidential spokesperson, US contribution is only limited to technical assistance and the US troops are not joining the battle.

Syria War Explained

Syria War Explained

Middle East is now the most chaotic regional especially with the escalation of Syria Civil War in the last few years. This year, the civil war in Syria enters the 7th year and there have been more than 465.000 Syrians that have lost their lives in the fighting. Meanwhile, more than one millions Syrians have been injured and more than 12 millions of Syrians have lost their homes and displaced to other areas including Europe. This crisis started back in 2011 following the Bashar Al-Ashad actions to kill hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the government. Just a few months later, the Syrian’s military defectors formed the Free Syrian Army rebel group that aims to overthrow the official Syrian government. Just a few months later, Syria had slowly but sure began to witness civil war.

What actually caused the uprising in Syria? Well, the causes are complex from lack Agen Betting Bola of economics and freedoms, public anger and sin’s of Bashar Al-Assad’s father back in 1982. The protests in 2011 that was first started with peaceful protest began to change course following the Assad decision to kill some of the protestors. There has also been another cause involving the minority and majority in Syria. The majority of Syrians are Sunni Muslims while the Alawite sect has actually been dominated the security development in Syria. Assad himself is a member of Alawite sect. So, it has been quite clear how this war was also fuelled by sectarian split.

The civil war in Syria has actually been worsening following international involvement. For instance, United States through ISIL or ISIS has fuelled the war since 2014 until today. ISIS have been releasing deadly attacks including bombings to many areas in Syria killing tens of thousands of civilians. US actions to attack the Syrian air force base were prompted by Assad actions that used the chemical weapons back in the year of 2013.

In September 2015, Russia joined the conflict by supporting Syrian government to fight against the rebel groups including ISIS through bombing campaign. Russia clearly stated that the campaign aimed for the rebel groups that have been backed by the western states including US. Other countries including Turkey and Iran have also joined. Turkey itself have clearly provided materials and weapons to the rebel groups in Syria hoping to demolish Assad government while Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have always been supporting Assad and its government to get rid of the rebel groups.

Nowadays, the rebel groups existing in Syria are many. Some have been supporting the Syrian government Army while some others have been fighting against them. Recently, there has been proofs how FSA or Free Syrian Army have started to be weakened leaving other rebel group, the al-Nusra Front empowered. Meanwhile, the ISIL group has started to emerge in eastern and northern Syria following their success in overrunning large Iraq areas. It has been clear how ISIL or ISIS group has gained its international notoriety for energetic social media use and numerous brutal executions. On the other hand, Assad had obtained support from rebel group Hezbollah, Afghan and Iranian fighters.

Recently, the UN has been investigating the suspected chemical attack by Assad government that had killed more than 80 civilians while Assad had clearly said that this attack was not done by his army and is only used by US to justify their military intervention. Following this huge crisis and war, millions of Syrians have officially become refugees and internal displaced persons. And this condition has been affecting neighboring countries including European and Asian countries whereas hundreds of refugees have been taking shelters for the last few years.

Qatar Gulf Crisis – The Real Terrorist

Qatar Gulf Crisis – The Real Terrorist ?

In the last weeks, Qatar crisis has been stealing the world’s attention following blockage by the US-allied Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia. Earlier, Trump had celebrated a summit in the Saudi Arabia along with the heads of states joining the GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council. This summit had also confirmed their commitment to fight against the endless terrorism threat. Everyone in the summit agreed to the Trump’s general tenor of “terrorism is bad”. In fact, they also enthusiastically applauded and returned home fully willing and committed to fight the common enemy.

But even before the Air Force One leaving Riyadh following the summit, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia government suddenly launched media assault and well-coordinated diplomatic media on their neighboring country, Qatar. They base their action on false statement saying the Qatar has supported terrorism. In fact, they also ban the Qatar’s news outlets and literally cut economic ties with Qatar while keep saying how Qatar government have been supporting terrorism. And few days later, other countries including Bahrain and Egypt joined UAE and Saudi Arabia to cut the diplomatic ties with Qatar, severing the recent situation. Right the next following day, United States through President Donald Trump showed their enthusiast support for blockading Qatar and this support has made huge effect launching the current crisis into some kind of uncharted waters.

The current escalation basically shows clear thing about the regional consolidation toward Middle East unitary vision. It seems that Qatar is the only one proposing this vision and so their neighbors decided to threat and make diplomatic attack on Qatar as enforcement. It also shows how the expansive view of terrorism from Trumps has shared by allies in Middle East including Emirate and Saudi. Trump and his allies indirectly say that anyone opposing their actions is supporting terrorism or even the terrorist itself.

It is true that Trump and his administration have stopped of formally attributing terrorist organization to Muslim Brotherhood especially in the Middle East area. But their actions indicate the opposite that Muslim Brotherhood can actually be treated as one.

Back in 2013, UAE had spent lobbying to the US officials to start and support the military coup to end the revolutionary moment in Egypt. And today, they seem to do just the exact same thing targeting Qatar. This time, UAE is not the only country because some countries have seemed to join the lobbying including Israel. The end result of this attempt is to build a united Middle East with Israel as the main member. This conflict has definitely been simmering in the last few weeks. And it has been quite clear as well how Trump has given signal of green light for UAE and other countries to start aggressive action toward Qatar.

Trump’s statement about fighting against terrorism has actually been the opposite of the recent events following the Trump’s speed. For instance, security forces of Bahrain have recently conducted the deadliest raids against that have been absence for many months. At the same time, prominent human rights lawyer has been arrested by the Egyptian officials. It has also been very clear how Trump has given chance that had been so hard to obtain during the Obama administration. Trump’s support is like a support that the UAE and allies need to make score after years of absence.

The recent development of the political situation in Middle East explains how Saudi Arabia has finally started clear actions to punish Qatar for its sin in attempting to forge the traditional hegemony of Saudi in Middle East that clearly has not been a pleasant thing for Saudi.